Shaping a better world

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

We have always put social responsibility and community at the center of everything we do. Now, more than ever before, we must come together as a society to spread a message of hope and support in every way we can. Today, Ardene is answering the call to give back in more ways than one.   

From donating comfortable footwear and socks to healthcare workers across the country, donating to women’s shelters, supporting WE Well-being, to developing sustainable products – we are here for our customers and our community to make the world a better place.  

From our team to yours, let’s do good and feel good during this challenging time. 

The last couple of months have been a difficult adjustment, but as the world slowed its pace and nature started to thrive, we have also been able to see some silver linings. At home, the lucky among us have been able to enjoy family time, take (socially distant) walks, relax and reassess our priorities. While across the world, bluer skies and clearer waters have emerged because of our cleaner habits. Some might say, we have become stronger together, not only for ourselves, but for our planet. 

When all this is over, let’s remember to: 

  • Support local businesses 
  • Travel locally 
  • Eat fresh & healthy 
  • Go for more walks than drives 
  • Shop consciously 

Ardene’s Goals 

Although recent circumstances have led to uncertainties for everyone, one certainty is that we will go ahead with our plans to reduce our carbon emissions by 30% by 2025. We’ve come far on our sustainability journey and know we have a long way to go, but we are as dedicated as ever. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far: 

  • We’ve become GHG certified and continue to work with Climate Smart and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to help us achieve our goals and keep us on track. Our team is actively seeking more partnerships to help us on our journey. 
  • We’ve introduced recycling programs at our head office. 
  • We’ve reduced air freight, and as always, have a zero-incineration policy. All of our overstock is liquidated or donated to charity.  
  • We’ve eliminated single-use plastic at head office, and we have a sustainable community garden to grow fresh produce and herbs for our cafeteria.  
  • We started a donation box program to encourage customers to donate their gently used clothing and shoes to be upcycled. 
  • We’ve become members of the Textile Exchange which helps validate our sustainable products throughout the supply chain. 

Better for you. Better for the planet. 

We are working hard to achieve our sustainability goals, and we plan to continue to expand our eco-conscious collections and continue to source new, better-for-the-planet fabrics. We are also ready to install beehives in our garden, and subsequently we will offer our employees informative workshops on beekeeping, organic honey gathering and bee preservation. 

Started From a Bottle, Now I’m Here 

Just in time for Earth Day, we are also launching our new line of eco-conscious bags and wallets made from 100% REPREVE fabric: textiles that are made from recycled water bottles. We are excited to introduce these new bags to our eco-conscious collection, and we will continue to bring innovative products to our customers.  

See how our bags came to life! 

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