Shaping a better world

WE x Ardene: Doing Good Together

Last year, Ardene partnered with WE to help support their goal of making doing good doable, and together, we’ve had a big year! WE is a family of organizations dedicated to having...

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Self-Love: More than a Catchphrase

We can’t go far these days without hearing someone speak about self-love, but few of us actually know what it entails. Having more ‘me’ time, going to the spa, treating yourself to...

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Making a Case for Diversity

On January 15th, Elisabeth Couture, the Creative Director of our Brand was invited to speak about diversity at Automat AI. The aim of the talk was to discuss how companies...

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Ardene Supports Local Talent

Collaborating with other brands is an exciting opportunity for a company, and choosing the right partnership is an important decision. It requires finding talent that represents your brand, values and...

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